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The MTOA has added new functionality to the site.  Introducing MTOA's LiveUpdate System.  This new area of the site will allow direct updates from the MTOA President, bringing the latest information straight to the MTOA members.

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The MTOA and what we are about

The MTOA was founded to bring tactical officers of any organization in Mississippi together with the intent of furthering our local tactical community.  We offer training classes, seminars, and other valuable resources to all members.

The purpose of the MTOA is to facilitate the exchange of information related to tactical police operations, training, and equipment; to foster friendship and cooperation among personnel form different law enforcement agencies; and to lend assistance and support in the training of police tactical teams.

It is our hope that each and every member can learn from experiences shared by everyone within the Association.  A lesson learned is more valuable when shared our colleagues.

We hope you will join our organization so not only you will benefit, but we may also.

Check back for a more comprehensive history of the MTOA.